The revelation(暴露) that Arnold Schwarzenegger has an out-of-wedlock(非嫡出子) child with a former employee has sparked (火をつけた)a frenzy(大騒ぎ) on this typically quiet XXXXX. Scores of reporters and photographers converged(集まった) on the area Wednesday as unconfirmed(未確認の) reports surfaced(表面化した) that this Bakersfield community(地域社会) is where the child’s mother lives. There didn’t appear to be anyone at the home but one of her neighbors spoke to the AP about the married woman’s move(引っ越し) into the neighborhood last year. Marilyn Steelman says a real estate agent told her that Schwarzenegger was actually the one who bought the house.  And that it was a for a longtime(長年の) staff member who would be retiring (引退する)soon.  The woman  wasn’t around(外に顔を出さなかった) a lot. And her husband told us that she was still working away from Bakersfield and that she commuted(通勤する) back and forth(行ったり来たり) most of the weekends for a long time until about two and a half months ago. The Los Angeles times which first reported Schwarzenegger had fathered (父として認知していた)a child with a member of his staff, didn’t name the woman(名を出さなかった) in its initial report but it did say that she retired in January after working for the governor and his family for twenty years. The former California governor(カリフォルニア州知事) has said his wife, Maria Shriver, didn’t learn the woman’s child, born more than a decade ago, was his until this year. Back in Bakersfield.  The boy is being described as a ‘neat kid’ who any mother would love. He’s the innocent person here. And it doesn’t matter what Arnold and she did whatever. You know that’s their business. They are adult. And here’s an innocent child being brought into this. He’ll never have the same life again.

The boy’s birth certificate(誕生証明書) shows he was born the same week as Schwarzenegger and Shriver’s youngest son who is 13 years old. Schwarzenegger and his aides(側近) have declined(断った) to release any details about the affair(この件の詳細).  He has only issued a statement apologizing to his family and asking for their privacy.













ただ、道路わきに停車している白い車は当然ドライバーから見えています。 陰から子供が飛び出す可能性を考慮して減速できたはず・・・じゃないかなあ。



A fourth grader from Denver, Colorado, is miraculously OK after a hit- and- run.  That accident was caught on video. The accident happened Friday. You see Eric Aguilar attempting to run across the street outside his hous, when a car hits him. The driver keeps going. Aguilar remembers exactly what happened.

 I was running to over here, and then, the car just hit me right here, and I landed right here.

They make me sick to my stomach just to see the impact of Eric hitting the car then hitting the mirror.

Aguilar has several scrapes and he’s got bruises. He’s expected to be OK.


Police are still still trying to track down the driver.  Aguilar says from now on he promises to look both ways before crossing the streets. 


I was surprised that his mother spanked him.  Right.

Look both ways kids.

He’s got spanking now.  He will.


英作文チャレンジコーナー (はいはい道新)

道北を巡るバスツアーに参加した時のこと。出発時刻になっても姿を現さない人がいました。添乗員があちこち連絡を取っていたら、定刻から20分ほど過ぎてから男女二人が乗車してきました。 おかげで出発が遅れたのですが、謝りもせず悪びれたそぶりもなし。出発後今度は車内で女性グループがお菓子などを食べながら大声でおしゃべり。添乗員の観光案内の声も聞こえず迷惑です。団体行動です。気持ちのいい旅のためにマナーを守ってください。
 (道新 2011年5月16日号)
This is a story when I was on a bus tour to Dohoku area (Northern Hokkaido).
Somebody failed to show up in time for the departure time. The tour guide got in touch with some places to find this missing person.
Finally  came on board a man and a woman with no word of apology or self reflection.   and the bus started moving about twenty minutes behind schedule. And then, there was a group of girls chatting loudly while eating snacks. So I couldn’t hear the tour guide’s explanation clearly, which was quite annoying.
I want to say to those people that group tour members must obey rules to make their tour comfortable.


このひと、ニュートギングリッチさんといいます。 米大統領選挙の共和党候補めざして立ち上がるらしいです。 15年ぐらい前、下院議長というポストにいたため、よくマスコミに取り上げられていました。 日本の貿易政策をこき下ろして、cheatという言葉を何十回も繰り返すなど、言葉づかいの乱暴さが目立つ人です。それにたしか金銭トラブルや女性問題でもマスコミをにぎわしたはず。 そんな彼をマスコミはLOOSE CANNONと呼んでいました。土台がゆるい大砲。つまり砲丸がどこへ飛んでいくかわからない、つまり何をしでかすかわからない人物だと。