日本を称賛! オーストラリアのメディア

いやあ日本やりましたね! 眠い目をこすってTV観戦した甲斐がありました。 試合後も目が冴えて寝られそうになかったので、ネットを見ていたところオーストラリアのシドニーモーニングヘラルドという新聞社が真っ先に特集記事を掲載。読んでみると日本の事を好意的に書いています。二重にうれしくなったので訳してみました。
Japan are the Asian champions for a record breaking fourth time, taking the crown in a thrilling battle over a gallant Australia with a brilliant extra time strike from substitute Tadanari Lee who volleyed home a cross from Yuto Ngatomo in the 109th minute of a scintillating Asian Cup final. 

日本はアジアカップ大会において記録破りとなる4回目のチャンピオンとなった。決勝戦開始後109分目、途中から出場した李忠成選手が長友佑都からのクロスパスをゴール。 延長戦におけるこの一撃で、果敢なオーストラリアとのスリルある戦いを制し、栄冠を勝ち取った。

Lee, who had only been on the pitch a few minutes, found himself unmarked and with the sort of time and space he could only have dreamed of to measure a perfect textbook volley that gave Mark Schwarzer, playing a record-setting 88th time for Australia, no chance.


This was a game that neither side deserved to lose, but, as the nerve-shredding prospect of a penalty shoot-out loomed, it was fitting that a game of this calibre and status was decided in open play, however heartbreaking for the losers.


The Socceroos can, however, hold their heads up high. They dominated much of the game, playing football of fluency, craft and sophistication that many did not think them capable of, especially in the first half.


But full credit has to go to Japan, who had come through a torrid semi final with South Korea just four days earlier, a match that had been decided in a penalty shoot-out. As revenge for that day of Australian jubiliation in Kaiserslautern five years ago, when the Socceroos came back from canvas to destroy the Blue Samurai’s World Cup dreams with a 3-1 win, this was as good as it gets.



Hokkaido Newspaper “Readers’ voice column”

家庭菜園でピーマンを栽培していますが、こんなのは見たことがなくびっくりしました。ひょとしたら何かいいことがある前兆かもしれないですね。夫は「宝くじでも買っておけ」ですって。(北海道新聞 2011年1月25日)
I bought a paprika, a vegetable that looks like Japanese “peeman”, for my cooking purpose.
It was big and yellow.
There were some bruises near the calyx, so I thought of cutting it into round slices.
As soon as I cut it open, there was  another paprika of the same color inside.  It looked like an unborn baby growing inside.
I grow “peeman” (green peppers) in my own vegetable garden, but nothing like this happened to me before.
Maybe this is a sign of good luck.
 “Why not buy some lottery tickets?” says my husband.



 えっ? 何がって?フロリダ州産オレンジジュースのCMの事なんです。




Morning everyone
What’s on the agenda? 
At 7:45, I’m gonna roll my eyes when you try and tell me  what to wear.
Love it.
At noon they’ll announce all the elevators are out, and you’ll have to walk down eighteen flights of stairs.
In heels?
That’s right.
Good thing I have my orange juice
Take on the day with  100% pure Florida orange juice.
いったいどこがおもしろいのか、わかりませんね。 そこで不肖ながら、近所に住む米人のマイクさんに聞いてみました。ポイントは・・・
ということにあるようです。ちなみにTake on the day.にはタフな一日を乗り切ろう、という意味があるのだとか。
というわけで皆さん、TAKE ON THE DAY!!!

英作文チャレンジコーナー 生徒の事故体験談より

娘がまだ小学生だった頃のことです。娘をスキーレッスンに通わせるため、サンバレースキー場(現 サンタプレゼントパーク)へ車で向かっていました。ある交差点を通過しようとした時、信号が変わったので行こうかどうか迷い、行くことに決めてスピードを出しました。雪が激しく降り、道路が狭くなっていました。そのとき対向車線にバスが走ってくるのが見え、通り過ぎるだけの幅が無いと思ったので、急ブレーキをかけました。すると車が2回転しバスにぶつかったのです。幸いぶつかったのはバスのタイヤの部分だったので、軽いけがで済みました。
This happened to me when my daughter was an elementary school student.
I was driving my daughter to a ski lesson held in Sun Valley, Ski Resort which is currently known as Santa Present Park.
I was about to go through an intersection when the light changed.
It was a close call and I wondered if I should go through or not . But I did by speeding up a bit.
It was snowing hard and the road was narrower than usual. Then there was a bus coming in the opposite direction.   The road was not wide enough for the two cars to pass each other smoothly, so I jammed on the brake. Then my car spun for two times(circles, rounds,donuts)  before hitting (slamming) the bus.
Fortunately, it was a rubber part of the wheel that I hit, so we escaped with a minor injury.








The more freezing rain is falling right now that’s on top of the half inch of ice that pretty much coats everything around

And across this part of the country, it is proving to be a big danger for drivers.


This SUV is spinning in circles. Barreling out of control, downhill, with just one way to stop. Seconds later, it started all over again.Parked cars were like pinball bumpers to this driver. The brakes, no use. The wild rides continued.

A convoy of collisions on this Pittsburgh street, even as crash victims like these children, were escaping the mounting wreckage.  In Pittsburgh alone, forty-five crashes choked up to ice.  At least seventy people treated in the E.R.(emergency room) for slips and falls.  

The storm packed with sleet and freezing rain moved further, northeast to near Boston, where instead of driving, cars were skating. 


The hills. It’s tough on the hills. In New Haven Conneticut, a backwards approach to drive home.  

Parking lots and streets looked like ice links.


We just started sliding and stopped, because I didn’t want to hit the car over here. Dropping rain and dropping temperature is not the only problem for this storm. Another ten ionches of snow could fall in parts of northern new England. And other places are suffering too. In Genessee county, Michigan, a dramatic rescue.


Look closely under this semi…  There is a car down there. A driver was pinned inside. He had spun out.

The truck driver tried to avoid him, but instead they both wound up in the ditch. Hard to believe judging from this damage, but somehow the driver escaped unhurt.


Back here in Conneticut, some seven hundred emergency calls came pouring in to state police yesterday during the morning rush.


Robin ther are hoping for a quieter one today.

Look at the background. All the snow still on the streets and piled up high there in Cheshire.