Airport Christmas for Europe’s stranded travelers






Across the Atlantic, thousands of travelers including  Americans  are in a race against the clock to get home for the  holidays only to be told to get ready to camp out a long wait. NICK WATT reports from London tonight.
The busiest international airport on earth, the busiest travel week  of the year. Thousands of passengers are now  trapped in what they are calling HOTEL HEATHROW. They won’t make it home for the holidays.
My son and I come home,  it’s like a present to my parents.  and I was even going to surprise them a little bit.
With London’s worst snow in twenty five years and the coldest in December in hundred years, Heathrow is just not equipped to deal with it.
“I’m truly sorry for every spoiled Christmas holiday, every disrupted travel plan.
In Germany today, a thousand flights were cancelled. In Paris a third of all flights grounded.
“Our flight coming in was Air France   ? ”  The guy on the left is a French transport minister. “Our flight was cancelled, we weren’t told the the flight was cancelled.”  In Brussels, they just ran out of de-icer  “They are closing the airport now, right?”  Right. Closed until Wednesday, at the earliest.
Many roads across  Europe are also a mess, and the railways, well that is a five hour line snaking around  London’s international Train Station. Some passengers are angry, but most are sanguine   “I’ve just stayed in the cold for three hours. I’ve got no blood left actuallly getting excited. So we just sit there and wait.”  “If I have to take a boat, I will.”  “Good. Determination. Good luck. I hope you make it.”  Sadly the news isn’t great tonight. The temperature is gonna plummet again and a lot more snow is forecast.
Nick Watt. ABC News London.

そんなバカなあ。 電子たばこからニコチン検出だって。



Nicotine has been detected in “Denshi Tabacco “or “e-cigarettes” of eleven brands.

These  are battery-powered devices that turn some liquid in the cartridge into vapor  and are being used by those struggling to quit  smoking.
None of the eleven brands are on sale any longer. And the amount of nicotine detected was not enough to cause harm to human health.
But Consumer Affairs Agency issued a warning on the 27th in order to protect pregnant woman from using such devices previously bought.

99-year-old poet, Toyo Shibata


なんと99歳で現役詩人。 趣味だった日本舞踊が踊れなくなり、詩作を始めたのが90歳を過ぎてから。本当にたまげたものです。(詳しくはMiyaguchiさんのブログでどうぞ。 http://www.geocities.jp/lupin2936/index.htm )

紹介された作品は、トヨさんが遠くに住む息子さんへ宛てたもの。 短い文章の中に、思いやりの気持ちが多く満ち溢れています。


 -倅(せがれ)に 1-
 母ちゃんを 思い出せ

 あたっちゃあ だめだ
 あとで 自分が

 ほら 見てみなせ
 鳥が 啼(な)いてるよ

 元気出せ 元気出せ
 鳥が 啼いてるよ
 聞こえるか 健一

My son.
When you find yourself becoming bitter and frustrated, you gotta remember your Mom. 
Don’t take your anger on your friends.
It ends up with you disappointed in yourself. 
 Look! The sunlight is shining through the window and birds are singing.
Cheer up my son. Buck up my boy.
Birds are singing.
Can you hear, Kenichi?

英作文チャレンジコーナー ”高卒求人に大学生流入”の記事



(北海道新聞 2010年12月23日)


Majority of job searching students of  senior high schools are facing a new year with no certain prospect of employment.
What is striking about this year  is that seniors of vocational schools, colleges and universities are moving into the job market of high school seniors, thus creating a situation where  impatient youngsters are fighting for a small number of job offers.  Senior high school authorities are tearing their hair out over having to fight an uphill battle with college grads.
On the other hand, employers are taking full advantage of the buyer oriented markets. Here’s a comment by the personnel of a wholesale company in Sapporo. “When  business was good,  not much interest was taken by college graduates. But now, excellent ones gather at our doors for an interview.   Feeling sorry for senior high students, I cannot stop prioritizing college graduates for the company’s future.”

Wiihab is the new Rehab

高齢者のリハビリに任天堂wiiを使うところが増えているようです。アメリカではリハビリをもじってwiihabとよばれているとか。 どんな具合なのか見てみましょう。


No longer the stuff of childs play, the Nintendo Wii  has become an exciting tool used by physical and occupational therapists in rehabilitation settings. This new treatment approach is often called Wii-hab.


At CareOne centers, both our therapists and patients say that one of the best things about Wii-hab is that its fun, which means people are more motivated and engaged during their rehab. This motivation is important from a therapy perspective, but theres another benefit. The Wii enables patients to integrate skills while allowing therapists to see how the person is progressing in a more natural environment. For example, a traditional exercise routine might build muscle strength through a specific strengthening routine. An activity using the Wii not only uses that new strength but also integrates it with balanceit provides a way to practice using strength, balance and weight shifting all within a virtual environment.  For some of our older patients, learning to use the Wii as part of therapy has given them a new link to their children or grandchildren. Once patients return home, theyre motivated to practice newly learned skills with the Wii because its something they can do with the entire family.   

Improving function is an important goal for our therapists, and the Wii aids in achieving this goal by helping our patients get moving again.